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2019 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Small-and-Medium Enterprises Management Leading Talents Beijing Institute of Technology Advanced Program


The Talent Exchange Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Beijing Institute of Technology jointly hold the "2019 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology SME Management Leading Talents Beijing Institute of Technology Advanced Program" (hereinafter referred to as "Advanced Program").The Advanced Program provides comprehensive solutions for the development and innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises. While improving the ability and quality of small and medium-sized enterprises management and leadership, it will help small and medium-sized enterprises to enhance their core competitiveness and achieve healthy and rapid development.

[Study Features]

According to the “SMEs Management Leadership Training Program” of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, in the next ten years, the Ministry of Finance will allocate funds to train 1,000 leading talents every year, and the trainees will directly enter the national talent pool.At the same time, during the ten years after graduation, several days of recurrent training will be organized each year. In addition, during the study period, we will hold exchanges with the “Leadership Training Programs” across the country from time to time to provide students with a national elite exchange platform and a permanent interaction platform with schoolmates. Our advantages are:

  • Bringing together top-ranking professors from universities, well-known corporate elites, and high-ranking government policy consultants.
  • The course is based on the EMBA curriculum system and aims to improve the entrepreneurial management skills and practical operational capabilities of the SMEs.
  • The teaching features integrate EMBA classic case studies, seminars, summit forums, outreach training, and visits to well-known companies.
  • Organize students to travel to other Leadership Training camps in China to conduct interactive teaching and visiting activities in different regions; regularly hold various class activities such as corporate class forums, student exchanges, and experience sharing.
  • Participants can join the “Beijing Institute of Technology EDP Alumni Club”, which integrates resources from government, enterprises and universities.
  • Never graduate, continuous lifelong learning.After the students complete the course, they can participate in the high-level forums, seminars and theme salons organized by the Beijing University of Technology School of Management and Economics Alumni Club.

【Course Design

Course module

Course Title

Module 1: Special Lecture

Economic trends and corporate countermeasures

"Made in China 2025" and China's economic transformation and upgrading

Module 2: Classroom Teaching

Technological innovation and strategic management

Innovative thinking and leadership

Problem analysis and resolution

Improve management quality with corporate culture

Brand Strategy and Marketing Innovation

Lean thinking, project management

General manager financial management

Strategic Human Resource Management

Corporate Governance under Multi-level Capital Markets

Management communication and team building

New media marketing in the era of big data

Enterprise internal control and tax planning

Module 3: Experiential Teaching

BAIC Group: Enterprise Innovation Management

Hyundai Motor: Fine Management

Module 4: Theme Forum

SME financing and listing

“Working Together and Sharing” Enterprise Growth Experience Sharing

Module 5: Study Tour and Resource Docking

Organize trainees to study at other domestic leadership talent training camps, carry out interactive teaching and visiting activities between different regions, and promote resource docking

Module 6: Expanding training

Enable students to enhance understanding, friendship, team awareness and improve collaboration skills

Module 7: Follow-up Support

Permanent interaction with schoolmates

"Think Tank" continues to support

Lecture forums enrich life

"Feeling home" back to school activities


Note: The School of Management and Economics of Beijing Institute of Technology reserves the right to adjust some courses.


【Value-added services



Leading enterprises’ transformation and upgrading and results exchange

Transformation and upgrading guidance

Excellent case sharing

Cooperation results exchange

Leading Entrepreneur Tour Week

Frontier consulting, business model, system improvement

Leading entrepreneurs online classroom

Macroeconomics, policy interpretation, industry development

Leading entrepreneurs high-end exchange

Leading entrepreneurs salon

Leading Entrepreneurs Magazine

Leading entrepreneurs association


[Application conditions]

The training courses are mainly for small and medium-sized enterprise entrepreneurs and senior professional managers who have good growth ability, strong innovation ability, strong employability, and leading position in the region or industry, and take into account entrepreneurial SME entrepreneurs with development potential.Specifically, the applicants of the Advanced Program should meet the following conditions:

1. Being senior managers of SMEs, holding leadership positions of corporate legal representative, chairman or general manager. Under 50 years old. Have a junior college degree or above, or have the equivalent academic qualification. Engaged in comprehensive enterprise management for more than 3 years or being enterprises research and production team leaders;

2. The enterprise led by the applicant has rapid growth and sustainable development prospects, and the company's performance has grown steadily for a long time.

[Study arrangement]

Teaching Arrangement: Combining centrialized teaching with self-study, teaching for 16 days, 2-3 days of study per week (weekend), and 8 months of schooling.

Teaching location: Except for experiential teaching in related companies, other classes are located in Beijing Institute of Technology.

Training fee: RMB 39,800/person (including the state financial subsidy of 10,000 yuan/person, and the student self-raised 29,800 yuan/person).

Student Management: Refer to the EMBA student management system, establish student files, and join the national SME business management leading talent pool.

Certificates awarded: the “SMEs Management Leading Talents” certificate issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology;

the “SMEs Management Leading Talents” certificate issued by Beijing Institute of Technology.

Number of enrollment: 70.

【How to apply

1. Submit the application form and go through qualification pre-review.

2. A Notice of Admission sent after the review.

3. Please remit the training fee to:

Account Name: Beijing Institute of Technology

Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Beijing Zizhuyuan Branch

Account number: 0200007609014435495

4. The student brings relevant materials at the time of registration(a copy of the company's business license or a certificate of employment, a copy of the ID card; six photos of one inch).

5. Participate in the opening ceremony and formally enter the Program.

Contact: Teacher Li 010-68914171, 13488748221