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Zimeitang Group 2019 Spring Recruitment

[About Us]

Zimeitang Group is an Internet + big health + new retail ecological complex integrating biotechnology research and development, manufacturing, health management big data and artificial intelligence.At present, it has seven major brands: Zimeitang, Xiuzhitang, Caffini (cec), Descartes (doego), Zero Language, Ji Yun, Zimeihui. The products cover nutrition and health care, TCM health, beauty and skin care, and makeup.

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-Management Trainee

 - Education requirements: Bachelor degree or above; the              "Product Development" application requires a master's                      degree or above.

 - Starting salary: 8-15k, free accommodation, monthly              meal supplement, semi-annual project dividend, twice a                     year salary adjusting opportunity.

 - Positions:



Description of job

IT technology

(product direction)

computer software,

Electronic information and other related majors

1. Responsible for the on-site problem handling of the company's IT products, and customer feedback collection

2. Responsible for the use of the company's IT products, training with developers to communicate product issues

PS: The following work experience is preferred:

1. Internet product testing, technical support, pre-sales and after-sales support, IT product training and other experience preferred

2. Understand Android system, understand js is preferred

3. Have experience in social e-commerce product technical support, understand social e-commerce priority

Business management

Marketing, business management, economics and trade, e-commerce, bio-pharmaceutical and other related majors

Training through rotation, business choice is multi-directional, two-year training cycle, promotion path for department manager - director

Operational promotion

Mathematics, statistics, marketing, advertising, e-commerce and other related majors

Responsible for the company's product promotion and operation, including new media operations, event operations, data analysis and statistics, etc.


News advertising and other related majors

According to the company and brand culture requirements, write product planning copy, brand promotion copy, advertising soft text.

Financial Audit

Accounting and other related majors

Responsible for the internal financial accounting of the group

Product development

Food engineering, bioengineering, nutrition, cosmetics and other related majors

Responsible for the research and development of the Group's products, including health care products, cosmetics and other research and development

Human Resources

Human resources related major

  1. Recruitment: Assisting in the internal recruitment of the group
  2. Training: Assist in training system construction and part of training


[School recruitment process]

 Online application: February 25th - May 25th

Interview: Notification within one week after the delivery of the resume, 2-3 rounds of the interview (completed on the day of the interview)

Negotiation: On the day of the interview or the next day

Offer issuance: completed within one week after the offer negotiation


Campus presentation: Please check the official website for the specific itinerary:


[Job application]

Please send your resume to:, the application name is: position applied + name + institution + major (also the name of your resume)