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7-20 Professor Xue Jinjun, School of Economics, Nagoya University: Green Development Economics and Sustainable Development Innovation

  Time: July 20th (Saturday) 3:30pm

  Location: Central Building 1402


  The global practice of tackling climate change and developing a green and low-carbon economy is spawning a new discipline: “Green Development Economics”.Green development economics is based on environmental protection and ecological civilization. She is marked by green, low carbon as the path, green GDP as the indicator, and high-quality, sustainable development as the goal.This lecture introduces the basic theories of green development economics, analyzes its significance for the theoretical innovation of global climate governance and sustainable development, and hopes to provide reference for China's development of the "fourteenth five-year" development plan characterized by green environmental protection and ecological civilization. .

  Speaker profile:

  Xue Jinjun, a well-known development economist, professor at the Center for International Economic Policy Studies at Nagoya University, Japan, and co-director of the China International Low Carbon Economy Research Institute.He has served as a senior scholar at Fulbright, Yale Center for Economic Growth, a visiting professor at the University of Oxford, and an associate professor at Hitotsubashi University in Japan.He is also a guest researcher at the National Institute of Energy, the Institute of Science and Technology of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Science and Technology Policy Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the National Studies Institute of Tsinghua University. He is also an adjunct professor at Beijing Institute of Technology and Wuhan University. His research areas focus on green and low carbon development, global climate governance, global value chains and carbon dioxide emissions, income inequality and carbon inequality.  He has published nearly one hundred papers in Science, Nature Communications, Applied Energy, Energy Economics, Chinese Social Sciences, Economic Research and other journals. He is also a guest editor and reviewer for international journals such as Applied Energy, Energy Economics, and Singapore Economic Review.