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Wang Zhaohua and Yan Zhijun visit Shenzhen alumni

  On July 27, Wang Zhaohua, Dean of the School of Management and Economics, and Yan Zhijun, Secretary of the Party Committee, visited alumni in Shenzhen, and held a forum with alumni representatives in Shenzhen on "spreading Yanhe fire, building up Greater Bay style" and visited alumni enterprises.


  On behalf of the School, Wang Zhaohua expressed a warm welcome to the alumni attending the meeting, thanked the Shenzhen Institute for its strong support, and said that the School had always attached great importance to the work of alumni, and thanked the alumni for their long-term attention and support. He briefly introduced the recent development of the School. He took this opportunity to make a systematic review of the development of the School over the past 40 years. He hoped to further enhance the brand and competitiveness of the School, and to invite alumni to return to Beijing, return to their alma mater, and return to the School to participate in the anniversary celebration.

  As an important part of the 40th anniversary series of activities, this visit has promoted the regular development of alumni visit activities. It also strengthened the relationship between alumni and the School, strengthened the sense of identity and belonging of alumni, highlighted the great significance of alumni work to promote the development and construction of the School, and also promoted the integration, exchange and cooperation between the School and alumni, alumni and alumni.